How low can you go? Ultra-low!

What exactly is an ultra-low micro budget independent film?

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It’s not for the faint of heart. Or those afraid of risk or failure. It’s for artists ready to “jump” and take that leap of faith. Making a feature film is tough work even with a big budget or a large sponsor helping you out financially. Indie films like ours who don’t have either of those things have an added “opportunity” to be as inventive, scrappy and resourceful as possible to get our actors paid and fed, locations secured, music rights and permission, set design and wardrobe…and then after the filming is complete, we move into post production with editing and festival submissions. The entire process needs a marketing campaign for crowdfunding and then for promoting the finished film itself. These tasks are completed with time, talent and funding.

It truly takes a village of film loving, storytelling maniacs to get this done. The process involves long hours, no pay, differences of opinion, collaboration, crazy ideas and risk taking. And taking on your second independent feature film while your first is still making the rounds in festivals is almost enough to get  you committed.

theater with title

Is it worth it? Absolutely. When those lights go down in the theater for your local premiere, your film title comes up on the big screen, you are surrounded by all of the cast, crew, friends and loved ones who supported you,  it is a bucket list moment. And it’s addicting. You savor the moment for all its fulfillment and already start thinking about your NEXT premiere.

Telling stories and sharing those experiences onscreen with others is what we live for. It’s our lifeblood and yes our addiction. We will keep coming back with stories to share for our fellow film lovers. Stay scrappy my friends!

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