Not resting on our laurels, but…

laurels solo

We’re not a boastful group. We are “nose to the grind” and “get the job done” kind of people. And like our last blog post mentioned, we’re constantly looking forward to what’s next. The next milestone, the next big idea, the next passion project.

But just for a moment we’ll take time to reflect back on our last project which was a stepping stone to get us to My RangerTrippin’ to the Altar was written and directed by David N. Reyes, just as My Ranger is. The Executive Producers are the same two husband wife teams that are bringing you My Ranger, David and Lisa Reyes and Rain and Cindy Chavez.

We are thrilled to let you know that as of February 2017, Trippin’ to the Altar has been an official selection in ten US and international film festivals and has been awarded:

ten laurels

Best Domestic Comedy – Ft. Worth Indie Film Showcase

Best Texas Comedy Feature – Austin Revolutionary Film Festival

Jury Award – All Around Performance – Golden Gate Film Festival

Best Film – Rivercity Underground Film Festival

Best Feature Narrative – Rivercity Underground Film Festival

Best Actress – Rivercity Underground Film Festival

These accolades for Trippin’ are much deserved for the talented cast and crew. And we couldn’t be prouder of our two main actors and what they’re doing after wrapping production. Our female lead, Lara Shah, now lives and works as an actress in LA. Her leading man in Trippin’, Oryan West, headed to the opposite coast and lives and works as an actor in New York. He was featured in the video for Maren Morris‘s award-winning country song, My Church, which has been viewed over 25 million times. He can also seen in a variety of commercials we know you’d recognize. Every time we see him on TV we shout, “that’s our SAM!”

We are also honored to have three of our talented actors from Trippin’ to the Altar join us again for the thrill ride of making My Ranger. Jordan Michael Brinkman, Kathleen Brown and Danny Trevino. Danny just might be one of the busiest Austin actors we know (check out this article on him by as proof.) He’s either starting a short film, in mid production on an episodic series, or starring in a feature like ours. Sidenote: If you go to an Austin Spurs game, you can find Danny on the court as the Spurs arena host.

Trippin’ will finish its film festival rotation this summer (which is why it isn’t available yet for mass consumption–the festivals need your submitted film to be somewhat exclusive as a draw for attendees) and we are working on plans to make it available for viewing after that.

All this said, we couldn’t be prouder of our first feature, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be resting on our laurels. We’re moving full speed ahead and looking to grow even more with our second feature project, My Ranger.

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