AUSTIN, TX, We Love You! We’re extremely honored AND excited to announce that My Ranger has been accepted into the Austin Revolution Film Festival 2017 and we’ll be having our World Premiere in Austin this September! Congratulations to our hard working and talented cast & crew!  


How low can you go? Ultra-low!

What exactly is an ultra-low micro budget independent film? #scrappy #aggressive #resourceful #inventive #indie #committed It’s not for the faint of heart. Or those afraid of risk or failure. It’s for artists ready to “jump” and take that leap of faith. Making a feature film is tough work even with a big budget or a large […]

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And so it begins…

Pre-production work has begun! Just this week, we had our table read with most of the cast and everyone showcased their talents and got to know each other. Production schedules are firming up for April and we launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding site today (visit My Ranger’s Indiegogo). We have 35 days to raise money, so […]

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