music winner

Thank you to all the artists who entered the My Ranger Music Search. We were awed by your talent and ya’ll made us proud to call Austin home! The winner with his original song “No Comply” is Dieter Erik von Schramm! If you’re a filmmaker looking to score a project we recommend giving him a holler. ONWARD!




A feature film requires the time and talent of cast and crew during production and filming. After the film is wrapped, we move into post-production, editing and sound design. During the entire process, we create  a strategic marketing campaign to get buzz about the film and use that awareness to help our film festival submissions.While we operate on what’s called in the industry as a “ultra low, micro-budget” we still need to pay our talented cast, feed them and the crew during shooting, pay for marketing as well as our film festival fees.

Here’s our director/writer and cast explaining how we need your support.

And My Ranger’s own Woody and Lacie talking about their roles and how the story unfolds…

Garza and Maddie talk about their character’s relationship and how you can help…

Below is our Shane, Jordan Michael Brinkman, and Trippin’ to the Altar alum making his appearance in our second feature, talking up the project and how you can help!